Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hardy's Crest Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc (2009), South Eastern Australia

This one is a special treat for anyone looking for an everyday drink. Something to sip when you're relaxing with nibbles.
The colour of this wine is an interesting one, it's typically light for a chardonnay-sauvignon blanc, but with a mild green tinge.
The nose is deceptively light. It's reminiscent of planted watercress, but watercress which has been waterlogged by a heavy shower of acid rain. Imagine walking outside on a damp autumnal day and you'll get the idea.
On the palate this tipple is creamy, giving one a story of soft strawberrys topped off with a gooseberry finish. Go back to that woodland walk, reach into the overgrowth, and find a four leaf clover to chew on, That's the flavour I'm talking about.
Who would drink a wine like this, Well, as I said it's an easy to drink everyday mouth lubricant, so think of an ex-member of the pop group 'Steps'. With there light, no nonsense approach to the world of party pop it would suit them to a tee.

I heartily recommend this wine to one and all.

Keep on drinking,
Jilly X

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