Friday, 15 January 2010

Caves Saint-Pierre Cotes du Rhóne Blanc (2008)

This cheeky little French number is from the Saint-Pierre 'preference' range of throat lubricants, and boy did I 'prefer' it.
To the eye, the wine appears pure and clear, with a slight golden tint. It provides one with a vision of crisp refreshment.
On the nose it reminds one of pink Turkish Delight. Not the chocolate covered blocks, but the classic jellied chunks coated with a dusting of sweet powder.

Now to the tasting. This tipple has a deep, resonant spine that suggests bitter pears and frosted marshmallows. It's a tough little bugger, and it tries to take your tonsils down your throat with it as you swallow. It's an interesting mix of these heavy winter fruit flavours overtured by a light sweetness, and I thouroughly enjoyed ploughing my way through the bottle.

All in all a good choice if your planning on spending some time in deep contemplation over a hearty drink or two, but probably not so good for a summer party. I for one would heartily recommend it to anyone.

Keep on drinking...
Jilly X

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