Friday, 22 January 2010

La Gioiosa et Amorosa, Pinot Grigio, Veneto (2008)

This ones another heavy tipple. It's nose belies it's inner strength, being of fresh almonds that have been stored in peach trifle. Meanwhile it's appearance is almost crystal clear, albeit with an emerald glint.

This pinot has an earthy, almost gravel like palate. It taste is strong enough to have jaws, like a pit bull jumping down your throat and gnawing at your adenoids. A good thing when your looking for a snifter with a little more bite than the average pinot.
Finish wise, it doesn't let up. It leaves one with a bitter aftertaste, and is very nasal. It keeps the strength of it's flavours going to the last breath, and is very heavy overall on the senses.

All in all a heavy weight on the taste front, and a tipple which I for one would heartily recommend.

Keep on drinking...
Jilly X

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Caves Saint-Pierre Cotes du Rhóne Blanc (2008)

This cheeky little French number is from the Saint-Pierre 'preference' range of throat lubricants, and boy did I 'prefer' it.
To the eye, the wine appears pure and clear, with a slight golden tint. It provides one with a vision of crisp refreshment.
On the nose it reminds one of pink Turkish Delight. Not the chocolate covered blocks, but the classic jellied chunks coated with a dusting of sweet powder.

Now to the tasting. This tipple has a deep, resonant spine that suggests bitter pears and frosted marshmallows. It's a tough little bugger, and it tries to take your tonsils down your throat with it as you swallow. It's an interesting mix of these heavy winter fruit flavours overtured by a light sweetness, and I thouroughly enjoyed ploughing my way through the bottle.

All in all a good choice if your planning on spending some time in deep contemplation over a hearty drink or two, but probably not so good for a summer party. I for one would heartily recommend it to anyone.

Keep on drinking...
Jilly X

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