Saturday, 19 December 2009

Sainsburys Taste The Difference South African Sauvignon Blanc (2008)

As I've written before, don't let the fact that this tipple is part of the Taste The Difference range at Sainsbury's put you off.

Let's start with the nose, first impressions were of a chicken releasing gas from it's back end directly into my nasal cavity. This impression didn't change however much I stuck my nose into the glass.

I certainly could 'taste the difference' with this offering, the difference being that it had a texture on the palate reminiscent of cream cheese. It has a well focussed flavour, with lots of bite and undertones of white chocolate. The lingering aftertaste reminded one of the fluid used in an old fashioned barber shop's comb steriliser, yummy. One downside of this wine is that it leaves a claggy feeling on the back of the throat, but I suppose some will like that.

Overall this was an enjoyable drink and I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to sample something from the southern cape of South Africa.

Keep on drinking...
Jilly x

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